Baptiste Trotignon and Minino Garay in Podgorica


On 21 of June we will celebrate the Worldwide Music Day – Fête de la musique, with great Parisian piano-percussion jazz duo: Baptiste Trotignon and Minino Garay. They will be playing for the first time at the stage of the “Budo Tomovic” Cultural Information Center of Podgorica, Montenegro, thanks to the organizers and supporters: French Institute Montenegro, Cultural Center of Podgorica – KIC “Budo Tomovic”, Jazz Art, and Societe Generale Montenegro.

After a few years of touring and playing all over the world, their album is available, and it’s full of joy! Baptiste Trotignon, one of the finest French pianists, and Argentinean percussionist Minino Garay, will play their music from recent album “Chimichuri”, and celebrate worldwide event – Fete de la musique – Worldwide Music Day.

“Chimichurri: a chili-based condiment from Argentina! The art of the duet is at once so spare and so full. Two musicians being so close to each other on stage soothe my mind and body. It enables direct communication from you to me, a true, simple relationship to sound. This duet with Minino is like a point where two mirror identities meet: on one side, my European genetic heritage, which wanted to dig deep into its tribal truths in search of a form of authentic Corazon that would stray from reason and its turpitudes, also as if to go further than the self in its desire for the unknown. On the other side, the musician who plays at working-class dances in Córdoba and who wanted to cross the Atlantic 20 years ago to fully embrace the sophistication and colors of another form of music, another language to share.

The music on Chimichurri is a journey between North and South, between the sounds of wood and hides, between languid nostalgia and mad frenzy, depending on the melodies lovingly chosen together. The album has something raw about it. There’s no beating around the bush, no artifice. We just wanted to make the music tasty, in perpetual motion, never still, and of course with a bit of a kick!”  –  Baptiste Trotignon

Admission is free of charge. We are looking forward to seeing you at the KIC Budo Tomovic, and celebrate in spirit of Franco-Argentinean musicianship.

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