Eric Legnini Guitar Trio in Podgorica

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Eric Legnini’s Guitar Trio is a new project of famous French pianist, who will come to Podgorica for the occasion of World Music Day, originally written “Fête de la Musique”. He will play his fresh and new music. The three instruments that make up his trio multiply the melodic possibilities! Guitar player Hugo Lippi plays with many musicians (such as for example Sophie Alour, Stéphane Belmondo, Sylvain Luc, Pierrick Pedron, Emmanuel Bex, David Lynch, for his film Inland Emire, etc.), and singers (Sarah Lazarus, Sarah McKenzie): his openness gives him a chance to play in any kind of musical context, and mostly to bring very original universe. Famous double bass player Thomas Brameire, one of the best jazz bassists on the jazz scene for the last 30 years, has given rhythm, heart beats to the music of almost every major trios, quartets and other jazz quintets. He has a lot of experience playing with great singers (to name a few: Dee Dee Bridgwater and Milton Nascimento), but is also recognized by a generation of musicians both as a solid foundation and for bringing a round and subtle sound.

Finally, the keyboard of Eric Legnini is rich of his experiences as a leader, accompanist, whether on a repertoire of standards or in contexts much more pop, but still keeps an obvious link with the melody; the song, is a leitmotif in Legnini, his musical DNA in a way.
We would like to thank to everyone who supported this special event for the special occasion: L’Institut français du Monténégro, KIC “Budo Tomović”, and Societe Generale Montenegro. Come and share this beautiful music and meet with French musicians. Join us by celebrating and enjoying new music.

More about Eric Legnini and his colleagues you can find on the links below:

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