In Search of Our Musical Roots – Open Call for Musicians

Calling all young musicians hailing from the Western Balkans to take part in our new project „In Search of Our Musical Roots “, implemented by Podgorica’s own Jazz Art NGO and funded by the Western Balkans Fund. University of Arts in Belgrade, Faculty of Music and University “Goce Delchev” Academy of Music in Štip, Academy of Arts of University of Banja Luka and Syri Blu Cultural Association in Tirana are our esteemed partners in this project.

We would like to encourage all the young talented and interested musicians from the Western Balkans and beyond to apply for this opportunity and participate in the performance of new music by young Balkan authors within the project “In Search of Our Musical Roots”. We would especially like to encourage female musicians to apply.

Musicians from 18 to 30 years of age are eligible and priority instruments include:

  • 1 violin
  • 1 accordion
  • 1 alt saxophone
  • 1 tenor saxophone
  • 1 baritone saxophone
  • 2 trumpet
  • 1 trombone
  • 1 piano
  • 1 bass
  • 1 drums
  • 1 percussion

It is desirable, but not mandatory:

-for saxophonists (alto, tenor and baritone) to play the clarinet,

-for the bassist to play double bass,

-for the drummer to play percussion.

In the selection process, the following criteria will be taken into consideration:

  • Sight reading
  • Creative improvisation
  • Ability to perform with a group

If interested, please fill out this online application.

Through this form, interested candidates should also send one to three videos showcasing their musical capabilities through compositions no longer than six minutes each.

Applications will be accepted until 10 July 2022.

For any additional questions related to the application process, please contact:

Successful candidates will be informed about their participation in the project two weeks after the closure of this open call.

What comes next:

Chosen members of the above mentioned instrumental ensemble for “In Search of Our Musical Roots” project will have the opportunity to cooperate with experts nominated by the project’s partners such as Antonijo Kitanovski and Vladimir Nikolov, as well as with composers form the Balkans who will create new pieces for its repertoire.

The project’s final stage is planed during November 2022.  When selected, musicians and composers will get together with their mentors in Podgorica and will have intensively preparations and concerts in Podgorica, Tirana and Banja Luka. We will cover all the costs of musicians travel and stay in Podgorica (and to Banja Luka, final performance).

The exact dates of the final concerts will be announced later on the website of Jazz Art and partner organizations. This will be preceded by six days of rehearsals of the ensemble in Podgorica under the guidance of mentors, and in cooperation with composers, who should attend the rehearsals and actively help the project.



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